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shup? new york noma and then rain moves south as temperatures, definitely hit and miss between santa rosa out to the rushing river and we have a mild system and that's going to be the theme this week. we didn't get a lot but we will have a lot this week and into the weekend and now things are flip flopping. it is much less to the south and it will be a lot more than that. increasing clouds and a steady rain to the north when it doesn't let up here, here is sal. the driver of two cars could face criminal charges after
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this fremont crash and these are live pictures between black cow an auto mall parkway. it is expected to be closed for at least a few more hours and the tow truck is in position. a woman in a honda veered into another lane and hit another car head-on and her four-year- old daughter was in the back seat and not properly restrained. police believe the woman in the other car may have been drinking and we will have a live report coming up in the next half hour. you can see traffic here is moving along pretty well and it is about a 5 to 10 minute delay at the toll plaza and it is still rather quickly, but with the metering lights on, that is
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about itp and right now it is off to a good start coming into the valley. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. we are learning more about the death of an 8th grader 14 years old. this is live outside of the high school and we will let you know what the school is doing to help them deal with her tragedy. >> reporter: jenna bet it attended this school and grieve counts willing will be on -- counts willing will be -- counseling will be on campus and they are posting comments, a lot of people will be dealing with her. condolences have been pouring
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in. and one person wrote heaven received another beautiful angel. she was struck and killed by a train at orchard road. >> at this point i don't want to see something tragic like that. it is really sad and tragic and my heart goes out to the people involved. >> reporter: railway officials were running along the tracks. and obviously this will be a really tough day for students and see if they have anything planned in her memory. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. water-main break is keeping crews busy up there and this is what we are talking about. it happened on the parkway at los gatos avenue.
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the water-main belongs to the water recycling for irrigation and brian flores is in the area and we will have more on that coming up. they are continuing to search for a man who has been missing for five days. the father and daughter had dinner and she watched him drive away towards san rafael but he never arrived at the retirement community. they have also caused a problem and maybe contusions set in. >> there is no sign of the car he was driving. it has a missing hub cab. hundreds -- hub cap. hundreds of flyers have been posted throughout the county.
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they are trying to offer four-year degrees at community colleges. live from san jose, you have been talking to students offering -- offering more. >> you can see there is a charter bus behind me and they will board those buses and is 38 degrees and they are urging support for public education. this system video from last year's event. city college is supporting this new bill saying it will alleviates them and students will also save money by continuing to live at home. california needs to produce up
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with more at home and if approved it bo not duplicate and then taylor the b.a.s degrees to be offered and to get some more information on why this is so important to students, we go to hall, you are a student here and going to sacramento, talk to me about the importance of why this bill needs to be passed. >> i mean something like this will be definitely affordable for students like myself. current students and future students, this bill was allowed to pass and save students a lot of money especially at evergreen. i spoke to a lot of students who said it would be way more affordable to stay here, to get a "b" s or b.a. it would help them out
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tremendously. >> once the bus fills up, it will go to lobby be lawmakers. >> ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 60 testimony and they may have and the two teams have not had any direct talks but they are talking about the idea. this follows a drawn out permit fight and rising costs near pier 30 to 32. if they worked with the giants, the arena reportedly could be built on parking lot a right across from the area. former olympic star is accused of murder underway. oscar pistorius pled not guilty
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in a courtroom. he was unsure but there was a tragic miss tack. >> finance i believed an intruder had entered my home... >> oscar pistorius deliberately killed his girlfriend after an argument in the middle of the night. he faces a possible life term in convicted. back here at home, the man accused of snatching a 9-year- old girl from a bathroom in san mateo and then assaulting her. am he took the girl from apartment eyed and he will men are you school.
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they are accused of going into a daily city school bathroom and taking photos of four girls. he is due to receive a sentence of 27 years and four months behind bars. well an army s.w.a.t. officers, coming up, the crime that led to that standoff and evacuation. good morning, right now traffic is moving along relatively well along highway 24 as you drive through we will tell you more about the drive times. cloud cover is streaming over us and it will make it south, we will have details on that and the rest of the week.
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. this is texas, hundreds of cars stranded on a freeway because of icy weather, this is dallas texas, the backup 34 miles long and some of those drivers have been stranded for 10 hours, it was impossible again. live on capitol hill to show us and tell us the conditions, kyla? the conditions are getting
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worse with each passing hour and the wind is of ming it around -- moving it around and you can see people working on the sidewalks and there is still a good slushy mix and it feels like 13 degrees with the windchill and that will drop and so whatever is left could get worse and we checked with the two main air and that means it will be tough and a lot of employees will work from home and we will take a live look at the white house. conditions there are similar to what we are seeing on capitol hill just a mile or so away and the white house is hosting for
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the prime minister of israel and we will be checking back with you and see if any of those things have changed, so far more than 200 flights were caps selled around the nation. and most say they were reluctant to fly and a couple of flights have been canceled. a couple were not reporting any problems right now. as the winter storm moves across the nation and it can be seen from outer space. this is from a nasa satellite,
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despite dropping storms, they are protecting them living there and they have taken control surrounding military basis in the region and demand they give up their weapons. they rough demanding that interrogatories to withdraw its forces to its bases and to refrain from any interference elsewhere in ukraine. >> you crane's new government has not have the personelties. he will meet with the usual
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trap he warns, and ukrainian americans have taken to the streets to protest their actions. ukrainians and their supporters were outside of the pacific heights neighborhood and they say it is upsetting to see what is happening in their country. >> they want a piece of land and it is because of the politics and money, they will try to avoid it. >> as for the and time now 6:16 terrifying details about a young man killing a teen more than four years ago. police found the body of 15- year-old michael russell outside of his home in november
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of 2009. detectives say he had been stabbed to death. jay williams now 20 years old almost go to death. williams photograph that satanism said he should kill and he previously killed do animals before killing russell. he walked into pause filipino cuisine restaurant on bee street a man shot a 31-year- old man several times before leaving the restaurant. reportedly they witnessed the retaliate crab. and she said it may put her out
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of business. it happened saturday about midnight at a home. the man may have been speeding and driving under the influence. two other boys, a 16-year-old and 17-year-old were in the car at the time of the crash but nobody was hurt. time now 6:17 let's go back out to sal. is it okay this morning? >> yes. traffic is doing okay if you are getting on the road for the most part there are some troubled spots and traffic is getting more or just increasing a little bit. at the bay bridge, if you are at the end of the line at the toll plaza, that is your drive time, let's move along and there are more people on the road, but they have not changed, it is still less than
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35 minutes and we have the second fremont crash and this time it is reported that washington and osgood, fire department and police are on the scene. 6:18 let's go to steve. we have a lot of cloud cover streaming over us and it is already giving some rain to the north although the pattern is split, jetstream is lifting north wood compared to what we had last weekend. we will have a lot of clouds, rain totals will be heaviest to the north and not much to the south timing on these are almost impossible but there will be a lot of clouds and it looks like they will start to lift north. already some rain in mendocino and lake county but it starts to move south and by this afternoon, there is nothing too heavy and by tomorrow morning most of it will be done and the
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reason rain was so far behind it is each 14 pie the end of the week. san jose at 40% god too much is happening here in napa and it is hit and miss, windsor, heelsberg, santa rosa, 40s and 50s on the temperatures and these are not cold by any stretch of the imagination and each day looks like the jetstream continues to go to the north and they are starting after a torrential rain and the rain will pick up and look at the rain totals going through tuesday night and wednesday not much to the south and it looks like that that is the pattern.
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steady rain to the north, parts of marin county as well and once it kicks in, it really goes. it is about 61 to 66 this time of year, a lot of cloud cover taking us tonight into thursday after that and temperatures look mostly mild, warm, near 70s. u.s. sales are up 11% and nearly 100 are disappointing across the board. they believe in the middle and eastern portionels will keep shoppers at home. and they are paying almost a gallon more per week. they are paying $3.99 for
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regular and the average is $3.78 per gallon and it is up a little more in the past month. experts say it will go up for at least two weeks. the head of security is fired. and what that follow her said of to your can i may and it is both on stage on a and on line at this year's academy awards.
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. it would carry oil from the gulf coast. they demonstrated against it in san francisco and that's expected to start in a couple of hours at the ferry building. some of hollywood's biggest starts were out last night at the 86 academy awards. >> and the oscar goes to 12 years of slaves. that is it.
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jeremy garner. >> that is 12 years of slaves won the best picture and when the movies' director became the first african-american andrettier to win best movie. >> it is not to and it was filmed right here in san francisco. some of the other big actors include matthew from dallas buyers' club and the host of the oscar's ellen. take a look, you saw that celebrity filled selfee.
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it was retweeted and actually it crashed twitter. she had a pretty good start, she has more than 25 million followers on twitter. also, do you remember this, it was made famous and the what the was mate similar. if we had put it on there two years ago the money will support the charity from one hand to the other. to find out a lot more you can go to our website and we have set up an oscar section on the home page. police are still on the scene of a two car crash in
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fremont. mother and daughter life- threatening injuries at this point. >> charges potential drivers could face and why police believe a four-year-old girl was so badly hurt. an army of many supporting them. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom, what happened?
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. good morning and thanks for joining us on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is monday morning, march 3 march 3rd, i am dave clark.
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>> and i am claudine wong, pam cook has the day off. let's go to sal. all right, let's take a look at what we have, the one thing i want to mention first would be a very serious crash on washington in osgood and this crash has closed many streets in the area and it will be rather slow in this area washington and osgood. bay bridge, traffic is backed up for about a 2 for minute delay bought the drive team is 15 minutes and there are no major problems as you drive through. let's go to steve. we have a lot of rain to the north but reports it's really heavy on reports of
6:32 am
mendocino coast. very light on the south bay, and near oxy, that is about it but 50s on the temperatures and cloud cover is rolling in here and we may get a brief sunrise which is taking aim apt us. this time there will be heavier around and for everybody else, it could be a steady move to the north bay. 60s, let's go back to the desk. police are continuing to investigate an accident which involves two cars and injured a four-year-old girl. we want to go back to where the driver of both cars could face
6:33 am
them, it is now life- threatening what police believe was a dui crash and what police believe this looked like a short time ago, that little girl was riding in a car with her mother and police believe her mother was drunk driving a gray honda civic which slammed into another car on osgood road between auto mall parkway. now that little four-year-old girl was strapped into a car seat and it does not appear to be there as they crashed on to a toyota camera are you. police say he admitted to drinking earlier in the night. , it is frustrating, m.a.d.d.
6:34 am
is out there doing their thing, there are all of those programs out there and this is what we are running into. >> police say the 33-year-old woman driving that honda does have critical injuries but is expected to survive but we don't know if this little girl will survive. she was in a car seat but it was not properly install in her car and that is because it is out here and we are back open it traffic on blackout road. live in fremont, ktvu channel 2 morning news. controversy goes on at a santa rosa mall after the head of security was fired. now on february 17th march security guards approached families and family members
6:35 am
much friends. the small guards asked a group to take off their andy lopez t- shirts. >> i have a responsibility to protect the assets of the mall, i did that, we did that and now we are being thrown under the bus for it. former head of security said he was fired a week after that confrontation and now he is considering legal options. is he fighting for his life, police say she was viciously attacked inside of her home. after getting the first 911 call, a small army and they
6:36 am
grabbed me by the wrist, you need to leave, we are evacuating you. the first thing i said was what about my family in the house. >> the people in the victim's home was taken in for questioning and still not clear what led to that attack it >> >> they are allowing community colleges to offer four-year degrees. janine de la vega is joining us live, you are in san jose and talking with those getting ready to make their cases. some of them are boarding the buses and they will be traveling to sacramento and they are urge lawmakers to pass a proposed pilot program to offer a four-year degree at a community column. now the student's trip is in the march event where thousands
6:37 am
are urging support for public education. now this year, the students from evergreen valley saying it will alleviate the office is -- costs. it needs to bring one year degrees and if it is approved it will be a pilot program and community colleges will not provide four-year institution. >> it will not conflict as we are opening a pilot program tonight have degos as these these are fiends are going in more and more high demand. there are 21 other states that already allow community
6:38 am
collegeels to offer 2 year degrees and california is one of the most inn know native states and it will. >> actually do what they can to to support them to get this passed. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. in san leandro the cause of a fire at the same home in less than four months is now under investigation. the fire began near san leandro. say nobody was living in the house but neighbors had been parking the cars there so the house did not seem vacant. the house was there and i mean it started from this lent.
6:39 am
and back then they did i covered illegally grown marijuana plants inside. they are helping to bring them closer to the community. right now they have set up accounts on facebook and twitter and soon they will have pinterest. bayousing social media, the police department such opening social media some of the pitchers and we do have uh-huh map side as officers and as the department and and two winners in two weeks, 60 million is now belonging to a lucky winner in
6:40 am
the sacramento county in mcclellan park. the drawing was on saturday and nobody has come forward to claim the prize. they have had their share of powerball winners and another ticket was sold in milpitas two weeks ago and that winner still has not come forward. and they split a $348 million jackpot. if they didn't want it, i will talk it. >> the businesses when they were trying vote. they are investigating the death of a 14-year-old girl struck and killed by a freight train and we will tell you what they plan to do to honor her
6:41 am
memory. we will show you that and up in mendocino county, it will make it south and how much south. safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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only at safeway. ingredients for life. . on the campus of a school,
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a girl was walking on the train tracks with her boyfriend live outside of her school, here is what happened today, tara? >> reporter: it is quite an eerie sound and you can imagine it will be a difficult sound for a lot of students here. a lot of them were up all night posting pictures and massages on twitter and facebook grieving for jenna betty. they plan to wear pink in honor for her, and rip jenna betty, heaven just received the most beautiful girl ever and it goes to show you, to keep your loved ones close and tell them you love them every day. she was walking down the tracks with her if boy friend and roadway officials cop confirmed and police are looking into the
6:45 am
possibility she was trying retrieve her cell phone. obviously this will be a tough day for students and they just arrived on campus and we will be speaking with her finding out what plans they have today and we know grieve counselors will be on hand. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a student crossing guard program will be kicking off in san francisco. about 25 students will now be helping them. organizers say after last year's pedestrian programs will launch their open programs in a few weeks. they are back home after heavy mudslides triggered
6:46 am
mandatory evacuations. these areas were burned by wildfires. about 1,000 homes were evacuated. firefighters were digging trenches and trying to keep the situation from getting worse. >> the weight was so much they said it would collapse the back of the house which would bring the second story down and we would have lost everything. >> some of the evacuees found several homes. google wants to figure out what to eat. they will put menus at the top of a search when you ask for the menu of a specific business. google says they have the menus for most of the popular restaurants in the u.s. they tried voting during wednesday's shows and a different kind of business was getting some of the those calls
6:47 am
you made. there was 71 million votes and some people who tried to vote by phone got a pizza vote in washington instead. two phone numbers 0 not clear either. and here is more on what is coming up on mornings on 2. san francisco thousanding authority, what they have just done which could mean a big improvement for those tenants. studying a broad is seen -- abroad is seen as an amazing experience. and i am not on this list but you are probably not either but there is a record number of billionaires this year. the big jump in women on this list and which local ceos have the largest net worth.
6:48 am
>> i top know torii, i think you might be on that list. sal is on our list because he knows about our commute, how are we looking? >> we have traffic at the toll plaza which is getting busier and that's affecting them, so bay bridge toll place do delay is about 12 minutes and we have had it from livermore more to a -- livermore to avoid, we have alternate routes and they are gathering details. let's go to steve. we have a lot of rain to the north and a lot of cloud cover over us here and it's going to be a cloudy day and
6:49 am
rain will start to slide south. rain totals will be great and again the focus is more towards the north, mendocino and lake county and unless you are up towards fort brag, closer to home, maybe hit and miss, from underville over and trying to pick it up over heelsberg and we have a lot of cloud covington should pick up to moisesen things up. 36 in tahoe and again very mild
6:50 am
temperatures for some. it did be a lot colder than  this and watch how the rain  totals stack up north. hardly anything south cloudy with rain, it picks up and slide south, more likely for some, parts of the east bay and the peninsular as well. 50s and 60s, temperatures will be on the mild side and feel rob call and it looks like a break saturday and increasing clouds sunday. why governor brown worries about marijuana and what he is saying about pot heads and what negative affect they can have on the u.s. economy. the animal rescue group, why they were targeted and the
6:51 am
reason they are crying the blues.
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6:53 am
. dow jones industrial average is down about 114 points and we knew this would happen because of the advances of russia into ukraine and possible sanctions by western government and we will keep an eye on that for you.
6:54 am
and this morning, the commerce department spent 4 / 10 10th of a% and it makes it more -- of a percent and we will be able to continue growing towards 2014. confidence is on the rise. and the boy scouts of america is going to hurt scouting programs. disney donates based on the times they allowed. they still would not allow gay troop leaders which violates the policy. a train attack where at least 29 people were killed and 150 were hurt. 10 wielding attackers randomly
6:55 am
slashed attackers and police killed 4 other attackers and witnesses say it was a terrorist particular a tack. state state tore saccepted -- senator accepted 100,000 in bribes along with form may meals on exchange of legislation. darryl steinberg gave him until today to take a leave of absence or rescene. he is not sure it is a good idea because he said too many including pot heads could loose and colorado and washington
6:56 am
state, they are the first two states to legal lie marijuana and they are not concerned about the affects of marijuana use. >> how many can get stoned and i think we need to stay alert if not 24 hours a day more than some of the pot heads can put together. >> the state wanted to legalize medical marijuana and several groups have been getting measures to legalize recreational marijuana use on the november ballot. they want to crack down on electronic cigarettes. if it passes, it could and city supervisors say it will crackdown on the illegal sale
6:57 am
of minors. police in san francisco are looking for the people who targeted an animal rescue civilization. it belongs to the animal rescue group which disappeared on 22 22nd avenue in the richmond district. and this is after a big blow to their organization. itit had been donated over the last couple much months. >> all right, time now 6:57 developing news, a horrible morning on the streets of one bay area, two serious crashes and alex savage is on the scene of one serious accident. and we have more on why they are pushing for a big
6:58 am
change in the state's community college system. stay with us.
6:59 am
another serious crash in the span of just hours in fremont. ktvu's alex savidge has just
7:00 am
arrived on the scene of the latest accident. an 8th grader from martinez hit and killed by a freight train. how the classmates of jenna betti are honoring her memory at school this morning. we're live in the south bay where there is a big push to allow community colleges to offer bachelor degrees. we'll tell you what students are doing this morning to get lawmakers to hear them. another winter storm barreling down on the east coast. how much snow is expected and the number of local flights affected so far. "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." we're live in fremont at the spot of another serious crash. this one is at washington and olive streets. ktvu's alex savidge just arrived on scene and is gathering details. we'll have a live report in a

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